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Fix Childcare is a project envisioned and brought to life by Carefully to honor families, care providers, and communities. Our goal is to highlight their stories, share information, and identify new options and ideas for affordable childcare for everyone, everywhere.


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Tackling childcare challenges requires the combined efforts of community members, influential leaders advocating for policy changes, and a unifying platform. The Carefully Co-op aims to connect these critical components, nurturing a cycle that continuously invests in the very communities contributing to our success.

We are committed to building a practical and thriving childcare network that directly benefits individuals, local businesses, and co-op members. We serve parents and community builders through ownership, active participation, and profit sharing. This approach allows community members and workers to engage, support, and influence the co-op's direction, leaving a lasting impact.

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I'm so glad you’re here. As the founder of Carefully and a single mom in New York City, I believe we can and must do better to support families. After 20 years as a technology and product leader for high impact companies, including Etsy, Travelocity, and ThoughtWorks, I followed my passion and experience to launch Carefully, a platform that helps parents connect with people they trust to exchange child care, organize playdates, and plan events.


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